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Gawaine J. Banks

Having grown up in Stark County, Ohio, I have returned to my roots, after practicing clinical psychology in Cincinnati and northwest Missouri.  My journey at midlife also included two years as a Benedictine monk at Conception Abbey, Missouri. These experiences inform how I conceive my work: “Inward  Light Photography.” My artwork includes digital, framed imagery, photographically-illuminated objects, and unique, custom greeting cards and post cards. Many of my current images come from our northeast Ohio environment. I often search for pre-owned frames that I recycle, choosing frames that specifically enhance an image. This gives a special individuality to each framed work displayed.



In applying these images to candles and greeting cards, I wish to be accessible to those not seeking framed photographic art. I plan to combine my training in psychology with the aesthetics of art by consulting with those using an artistic perspective to help others.

~ Gawaine J. Banks, Ph.D.

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p.  660-254-0259


Artist's hands
Millway ~ Smoky Mountains

Millway ~ Smoky Mountains

Enlightened Refreshment

Balalaika - Kiev, Ukraine

Amish barn in summer


Snowfish (a fractal transformation of a wooden snowman)


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  PP-WP   Thanks! All photographs © Gawaine J. Banks, Ph.D. (Thanks to my wife, Susan Nolt-Banks, for taking my photo in Smoky Mountains that I then processed for this site!)