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Inside the Gallery
Inside the Gallery

Only Here In Ohio Gallery is a collection of artists who are collaborating to make their work available to you in one convenient place inside Wendell August Forge, Berlin, Ohio. We also offer the ability to show our processes with traveling demos to your venue.

We work independently and together in our homes and local studios pursuing the one obsession that brings us together ~ our art.

Our art is as different as we are, from functional and art pottery to jewelry, photography, silk purses and fabric art and glass. Artists working in other media show their unique talents as they join us in this forum.

Hand-Crafted Gifts by Local Artisans
Hand-Crafted Gifts by Local Artisans

Our potters work in red, white and brown stoneware, and once in a while, porcelain. Our firing techniques are ^6 electric, gas-fired ^10, raku, pit firings and whatever suits our moods. We work in our basements, garages, museums, back yards, kitchens or wherever we can find to practice our art. Our glass artists work in slumped glass, stained, beveled and leaded glass, as well as diachroic glass for jewelry. Our purse artist works in silk! Other media include beads, pixels, glass, fabric, or whatever fancies their interest and works for them to express their talents! Stop into Wendell August Forge in Berlin, Ohio ~ go through the large doors in the back toward the huge fireplace and turn left. You will see our little gallery with our original works of art.

This site will bring you the best of each of us.

Wendell August Forge
Ohio Amish Country Store, Berlin, OH
7007 County Road 672
Berlin, OH 44610